There's no such thing as can't: how the Berger brothers developed the Project Eye out of necessity

It was an unexpected stroke that changed Dominik Berger's life from one day to the next. Suddenly, half of his field of vision was restricted and the treatment options for those affected by visual field loss are very limited. He then took the initiative and began to develop a training program for VR glasses together with his brother Florian.

Focus on joy: How Johanna Franziska Kriks opens new doors in communication creatively and intuitively in her powerful coaching sessions

Our Creative of the Month, Johanna Franziska Kriks, is a rebel and an instigator of bold thoughts and fireworks of ideas. With her powerful coaching, she breaks completely new ground in strategic communication and shows entrepreneurs how they can shape their communication joyfully and in line with their own intuition.

A ray of hope in times of upheaval: how the new song by seven creatives from Lower Austria gives hope and courage

What happens when you give creative people space in which they have enough time for reflection, creative exchange and new ideas? In the case of the participants of the C hoch 3 creative industries coaching, a message emerges that everyone can hear. Under the title "CROSSROADS", seven creatives from Lower Austria, who have combined their talents and emotions, have created a work that inspires people to pause and gives them hope.

Art and culture at the touch of a button: Vera Grablechner offers personalized exhibition tips to suit your taste with her myCulture app

Vienna, the city of art and culture. With over 100 museums, various galleries and constantly changing exhibitions, it is difficult to keep up, which leads to missed opportunities. Through conversations with other art lovers and museums, it became clear that there is a huge gap between museums and potential visitors. Vera Grablechner is developing THE solution to this: the myCulture app.

Tradition in new splendor: How Martin Dvorak & Florian Schwab bring the appearance of the Wiener Schweizerhaus into the present day

Local advertising and the use of advertising space offer companies numerous advantages when it comes to marketing products and services to potential customers. In this month's story of the month, we report on The Schweizerhaus in Vienna's Prater is a true icon of the Austrian restaurant scene. With the help of creative minds Martin Dvorak and Florian Schwab, it has undergone an extensive makeover and now shines in a new, fresh and contemporary splendor without losing its "Viennese charm".

Zimmer frei: Kathrin Fuchs listens behind the curtain

With her podcast "GOLD _ your podcast with _ VALUE", our Creative of the Month, Kathrin Fuchs, opens the doors to a world in which exclusivity and perfection are served up on a plate every day. But instead of just being dazzled by shiny surfaces, Kathrin embarks on a journey of discovery behind the scenes to get to the real heart of this industry. She listens to the stories and experiences of hotel owners, chefs and service staff to understand what it really takes to be successful in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Always five steps ahead: How "Agency 5" combines graphic design, marketing, interior design and management consultancy

When creative minds join forces, extraordinary effects can be achieved. Our story of the month shows how the right use of synergies leads to business success and satisfied customers. The newly founded Agency 5, which came together through the creative industry coaching program C hoch 3, is a prime example of how different areas of expertise can work together to generate added value for customers.