Zimmer frei: Kathrin Fuchs listens behind the curtain

With her podcast "GOLD _ your podcast with _ VALUE", our Creative of the Month, Kathrin Fuchs, opens the doors to a world in which exclusivity and perfection are served up on a plate every day. But instead of just being dazzled by shiny surfaces, Kathrin embarks on a journey of discovery behind the scenes to get to the real heart of this industry. She listens to the stories and experiences of hotel owners, chefs and service staff to understand what it really takes to be successful in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The Power of Listening: How Mr. Thies Inspires as Designer, Teacher and Author

Sometimes you just have to listen to be inspired and learn something new. In the case of our Creative of the month, Sven Ingmar Thies, founder of Thies Design, a renowned designer and creator who has a holistic approach to the art of design, uses his enthusiasm for teaching to impart creative learning. He now passes on his knowledge and experience as an author to his students and designers.