At the end

your successful business.

Success rarely comes alone - because truly successful work happens together. Invest in a with the creative industries, because that's how you increase the success and at the end of the day the value of your company.

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At the beginning

stands a unique idea.

Creative Industries brings out the core of your company through professional know-how. emerge. Through innovative ideas, such as a novel brand concept or a new strategy, visions are made possible and tailored to customer needs. Thus the advantage for customers is in the center of attention.

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one idea

of the creative industries that enables true innovation.

We think your company completely new and make you visible through the best positioning. Together, we develop new, exclusive offers and bring your company from the from the analog to the digital world.

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We deliver unique
ideas for your business.

We are professionals from areas such as architecture, music, software, games, design, film, photography and advertising. We are made up of more than 48,000 companies in the Austrian economy that deliver ideas, implement them and thus enable real innovation. Find out what we can do for your company.

The end result is a
customized implementation.

The Creative Industries specifically address your and your concerns - and provide innovative approaches for the progress and advancement of your company. progress of your company. Here you can discover various examples of successful collaboration between your collaboration between your company and the creative industries.

The right ring for the perfect moment

Success means not only increasing sales, but also customer satisfaction and user-friendliness. Through the development of an app, Creative Industries have enabled an innovative step and were able to create a new offer. The use of a digital business model par excellence!

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Reinventing the wheel

With innovative design approaches to product design, materials and sustainability, the Creative Industries has made this company a successful pioneer and taken the product to a higher level. higher level. Unprecedented design has revolutionized the children's bicycle market and created a new market. new market.

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This is how you like to make your bed

Identifying trends, taking the brand forward and achieving success - all this is what the creative Industries when it comes to positioning and marketing a unique product. The Creative Industries recognize the identity and the heart of a company and help to fully exploit existing potential to the full.

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in pastry

The Creative Industries were able to make a traditional company not only keep up with the market, but also market, but above all to act as a trendsetter, thanks to a holistic rethinking of its and brand concept. With the help of Creative Industries, a handicraft business was transformed into a unique customer experience. unique customer experience.

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In the beginning, there is our successful cooperation.

As a catalyst for the domestic economy, the Creative Industries have made it their mission to, to ensure the success of Austrian companies and to carry out real innovation work.

You have a company and want to make it even more successful? Then get the valuable know-how of the Creative Industries. Here you'll find the guide to ideal collaboration.

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Find out here how and where you can get which grants and other financial support for your creative work. for your creative work.

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Let us help you get your entrepreneurial independence off the ground and make your idea a success. idea to success.

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    Background information
    on the campaign

    "In the end, there is an idea at the beginning" is a campaign within the framework of the of the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs (BMAW), which highlights the added value of the creative industries for businesses. The campaign was developed by Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws) and is implemented through Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT), both implementation partners of the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria. The development and design of the campaign was carried out by the two agencies The Early Birds and TUNNEL23.

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