With the WKÖ service for blockchain data certification, you can easily document your authorship and profit from it.

With the blockchain, creative authors receive proof of time for their works, whether advertising concepts, texts, graphics and illustrations, photos, film or software. You can point out to your clients in offers, pitches or commissions that your work has been documented in the data certification service of the WKO and that they should respect your copyright and honour it in case of use!

Your copyright is infringed? In court, it is now possible to show the digital fingerprint of the file with the time of creation and thus document the work contained in the file.

And this is how it works

Step 1 - Select document/file & open

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Step 2 - Fill in text field with description


Step 3 - Save confirmation with digital fingerprint

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  • Works that are stored in a digital file on your computer can be selected via the data certification service.
  • In the service mask, the file can be additionally described with a description of the work and the name.
  • Then a digital fingerprint (hash value) is created in the block chain, in which the time of creation is recorded. Only this fingerprint leaves your PC. The contents of the file, the work you have created, thus remain completely confidential and unchanged.
  • In the data certification service, a confirmation PDF is thus automatically generated. You should save this PDF with the selected file. At the same time the PDF will be sent to your personal message box at mein.wko.at.

Attention! The file always remains on the user's own computer and is not stored! The file in question must therefore also be backed up for proof of copyright. A good service for this is the mobile phone signature account, where every holder of a mobile phone signature can use 2 GB of free memory. www.handy-signatur.at

You're not a member of the WKO?

You can also use the data certification service in this way:

  • Go to "my.wko.at"
  • You can register free of charge at the registration mask.
  • Click on "Register for free" at the very bottom of the mask
  • Fill out the form and click that you accept the terms of use
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account
  • Now you can register for my.wko.at and use the service for data certification

The manual "The Brand of the Creative" explains the correct handling of copyright & Co for creative people.

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