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Kreativwirtschaft Austria is a working group of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber with its head office in the Target Group Management Department of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

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Kreativwirtschaft Austria is an implementation partner of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy as part of the creative industries strategy for Austria.

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European Creative Business Network

The Creative Industries Austria (KAT) as part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber represents the interests of the creative industries not only in Austria, but is also active on the EU level. KAT's involvement at European level is therefore an important part of its daily work to change the basic principles and framework conditions for creative industries in Austria and Europe. In particular, KAT is a partner of the European Creative Business Network and participates in the annual European Creative Industries Summit.

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We are a core partner of the EIT Culture & Creativity Association (EIT CCSI e.V.) and thus part of the governance structure. Kreativwirtschaft Austria supported the network's start-up year and the founding of the CLC SEA in Vienna. For questions and communication, please contact the EIT Culture & Creativity directly: info@eit-culture-creativity.eu.