Creative + Economy = Effect

The creative industries create crossover effects for innovation, business and society. Creative catalysts, i.e. creative industry professionals act as catalysts for innovation, transformation and the further development of companies and business models.

The creative industries comprise profit-oriented companies that are engaged in the creation, production, (media) distribution of creative and cultural goods and services - from the fields of architecture, books & publishing, design, advertising, film and photography, the music industry, radio & TV, software & games and the performing arts market.

In Austria, the creative industries represent a significant success factor as a motor for growth and innovation. The innovation potential is very high in the creative industries themselves, but they also act as drivers for innovative products and services in other sectors and contribute to the creation of value and growth of companies. The transformative power of the creative industries can also make a significant contribution to entire sectors, to the creation of sustainable jobs (especially in SMEs), to increasing the attractiveness of cities and regions as business locations and to strengthening regional innovation systems.

Creative Industries Strategy for Austria

In Austria, the potential of the creative industries for the business and innovation location was recognised early on. In 2016, the Ministry of Economic Affairs provided the strategic basis for exploiting the creative potential for innovation and value creation in the economy. With the "Creative Industries Strategy for Austria", the BMDW laid down the road map up to 2025 in order to be able to add an innovation turbo for Austria's small-structured, strongly export-oriented economy in the coming years and to further strengthen the contribution of the creative industries.

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The creative industries effect in figures

With our facts and figures, we show the economic importance of the creative industries for Austria and their potential. In the data sheet you can see the annual economic development of the creative industries, in the barometer the current economic situation and in the creative industries reports you can learn more about the power of the creative industries in key areas such as innovation, regional development, crossover effects or internationalisation.

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Austrian Creative Industries Report 2023

The Creative Industries Report 2023 shows that the Austrian creative industries comprise around 50,000 companies with around 170,000 employees. The sector has made sales of EUR 24 billion, these have increased significantly by 13% from the first Corona year 2020 to 2022. Decisive factors for this are a continued positive development especially of the software sector, the recovery of the creative industries strongly affected by the Corona measures, such as the film and music industries, but also price increases.

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