Rethinking unused resources: Biofabrique Vienna

As the world grapples with the pressing problem of waste management, a growing trend is emerging: the circular economy. Biofabrique Vienna, a pilot project of the Vienna Business Agency and Atelier LUMA, a program of LUMA Arles, in partnership with the Vienna University of Technology (Institute of Architecture and Design), is developing materials for architecture and design using unused local resources.

Review Pixel, Bytes + Film 2024

On March 5, the second part of the Pixel, Bytes + Film supporting program took place in the Mediathek. Several scholarship holders were present to take part in the various lectures and expand their knowledge. Kreativwirtschaft Austria supported the organization and was able to invite some of their experts.

Innovations in the healthcare sector: Interview with the Divine Savior Hospital in Vienna

The creative industries encompass all areas in which creativity, knowledge and innovation play a decisive role. It is therefore important to support and promote the potential of and collaboration with creative people. For this reason, we had the pleasure of meeting Michaela Latzelsberger, Managing Director of the Göttlicher Heiland Hospital in Vienna's Hernals district, for an interview in April and asked her about innovation in the healthcare sector.