Our mission

As Kreativwirtschaft Austria, KAT for short, we advocate for creative professionals from architecture, the music industry, books & publishing, radio & TV, design, software & games, film & photography, advertising and the performing arts market.

Story of the month

Climate fit in 365 days

How can we live in a more climate-friendly way? "With small steps," six C in High 3 participants from Lower Austria are convinced. Together they developed the Klimafit calendar, which provides monthly inspiration and tips.

Creative of the month

 Design that tells stories

Petra Stelzmüller studied architecture and designed interiors. The designer's heart is set on small objects that have something to tell.

News & Interesting

EIT Culture & Creativity: Great success for Austria's creative industries

We are very pleased: Kreativwirtschaft Austria together with JKU Linz and Ars Electronica are lead partners in the winning consortium for the EIT Culture & Creativity! The newly created EIT Culture & Creativity connects leading institutions from business, industry, innovation, art and culture, education and research in Europe. We, Kreativwirtschaft Austria, have been intensively involved in the preparation of the application over the past years and are pleased that one of six centres for the new European innovation network for the creative sector will now be established in Vienna!

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