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As Kreativwirtschaft Austria, KAT for short, we advocate for creative professionals from architecture, the music industry, books & publishing, radio & TV, design, software & games, film & photography, advertising and the performing arts market.

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KAT Best in Mobility © Spirit Design 1

Mobility hub in the garage

When sustainable design determines corporate strategy, long-term parking spaces can become innovative mobility hubs. This is what happened with the brand development of "Best in Mobility".

Creative of the month


Matthias Lechner founded NFBrands.X, Austria's first full-service Web3 and Metaverse agency, and was surprised by it himself.

News & Interesting
creative economy barometer

Creative Industries Barometer Autumn 2022

The creative industries have developed significantly positively over the past twelve months, but not quite as positively as the rest of the economy. The biggest challenges in 2022 are labor costs, the shortage of skilled workers, and the prices of energy, raw materials and inputs.

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CREATIVE WEEK AUSTRIA took place for the second time, bringing the achievements of the creative industries before the curtain for a week.

In the end there is an idea at the beginning

Tomorrow's competition will be decided in the field of creativity. The potential and benefits of the industry are therefore presented in a new campaign. You can find out more here.

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