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As Kreativwirtschaft Austria, KAT for short, we advocate for creative professionals from architecture, the music industry, books & publishing, radio & TV, design, software & games, film & photography, advertising and the performing arts market.

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Always five steps ahead: How "Agency 5" combines graphic design, marketing, interior design and management consultancy

When creative minds join forces, extraordinary effects can be achieved. Our story of the month shows how the right use of synergies leads to business success and satisfied customers. The newly founded Agency 5, which came together through the creative industry coaching program C hoch 3, is a prime example of how different areas of expertise can work together to generate added value for customers.

Creative of the month
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#GOLD _ your podcast with _ VALUE

Zimmer frei: Kathrin Fuchs listens behind the curtain

With her podcast "GOLD _ your podcast with _ VALUE", our Creative of the Month, Kathrin Fuchs, opens the doors to a world in which exclusivity and perfection are served up on a plate every day. But instead of just being dazzled by shiny surfaces, Kathrin embarks on a journey of discovery behind the scenes to get to the real heart of this industry. She listens to the stories and experiences of hotel owners, chefs and service staff to understand what it really takes to be successful in the hotel and restaurant industry.

News & Interesting
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With Content Vienna Connecting at Gamescom

With "Content Vienna Connecting - gamescom", the Vienna Business Agency offers games developers from Vienna the opportunity to take part in the world's largest trade fair for digital games, gamescom in Cologne, and other events as part of gamescom in the period from August 19 to 25, 2024. Apply now until March 11!

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That was the Creative Transformation Summit 2023

Our Creative Transformation Summit #CTS23 took place at the end of November. The theme of the event was the "Triple Transition" - ecological, social and digital transformation. The event brought together experts, entrepreneurs and creative minds in a three-hour online format and generated a lively exchange on forward-looking approaches and innovative solutions.

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