A piece of democracy as a design statement

Six years ago, the creative minds at Sägenvier Design Kommunikation won the competition to design the façade of the transitional pavilions of the Austrian Parliament on Heldenplatz. Now that the move back into the newly renovated parliament has been completed, the creatives Leonie and Siggi Ramoser are making democracy portable with "einstückdemokratie".

The Power of Listening: How Mr. Thies Inspires as Designer, Teacher and Author

Sometimes you just have to listen to be inspired and learn something new. In the case of our Creative of the month, Sven Ingmar Thies, founder of Thies Design, a renowned designer and creator who has a holistic approach to the art of design, uses his enthusiasm for teaching to impart creative learning. He now passes on his knowledge and experience as an author to his students and designers.

From Vision to Reality: How Marion Grammel Passionately Believed in the #glaubandich STARTUP ACADEMY of Erste Bank und Sparkassen

The #glaubandich STARTUP ACADEMY of Erste Bank und Sparkassen, together with REWE Group and Clever Clover, supports founders in the FMCG and agricultural sectors to bring their innovative product ideas to the market and to retail. Together with Creative Marion Grammel from The Early Birds and DYNACT Management Consulting GmbH, the basis for this concept was developed and implemented for the fourth year in a row as a successful format that helps shape and enrich the start-up scene in Austria.