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Photo: Erika Büthner

Hannah Lux

Mentor for "Networking & Cooperating

Hannah Lux, born in Austria in 1987, is a social entrepreneur, visionary and bridge builder. Hannah is a social entrepreneur and shows that social, ecological and economic goals can be pursued simultaneously and lead to trend-setting social innovation.

Her own founding and implementation experiences, be it co-founding, setting up and managing her social business "Vollpension", working in the "Impact Hub Vienna", as a global network of social innovations, her Master in Public Policy for political Entrepreneurship at the Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance, Berlin and above all life and all the experiences and encounters it brings with it, have led to a very clear goal of all her projects and engagements: To bring people together with all their differences, to connect at eye level and from heart to heart, and to create the spaces for this to happen. Yes, that is not easy and yes, it works and does good.

Hannah is also a co-founder of SENA- Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Austria and part of the Creative Industries Advisory Board of the BMDW Austria. Since October 2020, she has also been a member of the supervisory board of AWS (austria wirtschaftsservice).

In our Female Scale Up programme, Hannah is available as a mentor for the focus "Networking & Cooperating".