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Review: Value Day with around 150 participants

Information and networking event for the creative industries on the topic of value pricing.

The "C hoch 3 Value Day" at the beginning of March was all about the value and added value of creative services. For one day, around 150 creative professionals exchanged ideas on the topic of value pricing at the information and networking event for C hoch 3 participants - online this year due to corona.

After welcoming remarks by Mariana Kühnel, Deputy Secretary General of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and KAT Chairman Gerin Trautenberger, value pricing expert Paul Sintinger explained the concept of pricing, which leaves behind the idea of classic hourly rate calculation. Afterwards, challenges and questions regarding practical implementation were discussed in small groups.

"Creative industries companies generate revenues of around 22 billion euros. However, the value that these companies generate for the economy, society and the environment is much higher," says Gerin Trautenberger. Creative professionals are drivers of innovation, recognise digital developments and global trends and are therefore needed more than ever to accompany their customers out of the crisis with skills, know-how and a view beyond their own noses. The value of creative services is thus a very significant one. "When it comes to the services of the creative industries, 1 and 1 is more than 2. And that should also be taken into account in pricing."

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Literature Tips:

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