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little by little

C hoch 3 - for shoe architect Michaela Worschitz these were days she didn't spend at her company and yet during this time everything revolved around Mockery Mia and the comfortable high heel sneaker.

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little by little

Since this year the comfortable high heel sneakers from Mockery Mia are on the market. The years before Michaela Worschitz and her partner Jürgen Holl invested in research, development, prototyping, patent development and brand building.

During this time, the shoe architect from Graz took part in C hoch 3 coaching. Six times a day she had time to "work on the company and not in the company". One of the big learnings she counts the inputs that changed time management in her company: "Resources are limited, not only money, but also time. Therefore it is essential to deal with scheduling early on."

Today, she and her partner always take time to reflect on the current situation and the direction in which the company is developing. Step by step. "This way of reflecting was convincingly conveyed in coaching."

And the six months of coaching had another positive side effect: "We have built up a small network of extraordinary personalities from the creative industry.

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