New in Lower Austria: Innovative network of science, business and administration

"t:in", the Transdisciplinary Innovation Network of New Design University St. Pölten (NDU) and the University of Continuing Education Krems, brings solutions and new impulses for Lower Austria as a business and research location.

The transdisciplinary innovation network t:in enables students from different educational institutions to learn and research together and to realise forward-looking digital ideas with business partners and the administration. Thus, t:in is not only a place for education and training, but also for innovation and networking of schools, research institutions and universities in Lower Austria. The aim is to promote digital attitudes and a culture of innovation on the one hand, and to network science, business and administration on the other.


The Transdisciplinary Innovation Network of NDU St. Pölten and the University of Continuing Education Krems thus stands for three aspects:

t - Transdisciplinarity: t:in promotes open, creative and digital mindsets across disciplines and disciplinary boundaries.

i - Innovation: t:in teaches innovative thinking and action, using design thinking with the core aspects of benefit, feasibility and marketability.

n - Network: t:in links universities and students as well as the administration and economy of Lower Austria.



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