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Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira and her unisex label //amaaena// in the AFA's HOW TO FASHION video series.


Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira is in the process of launching her unisex label //amaaena// and talks about socio-political responsibility, her sources of inspiration, interdisciplinary work and more in the Austrian Fashion Association's HOW TO FASHION video series.

Photos: Excerpts from the AFA's HOW TO FASHION video with //amaaena//


The fashion designer with Namibian and German roots not only wants to give visibility to marginalized groups like BIPOC and LGBQT through her work, but also to convey pride and self-confidence to all people, regardless of their clothing size, sexual orientation or skin color. For her currently emerging collection //_ I_OWN MY LIGHT PINK_// she was supported by the Austrian Fashion Association 's AFA support program in 2020 and was part of the Vienna Business Agency's Founders Lab - Creative Industries program. Besides her work as a fashion designer, Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira also works as an artist and creative director in Vienna.


HOW TO FASHION presents Austrian fashion designers and labels working in Austria whose work stands out in different ways. They are interviewed in their working environment, their ateliers, studios and shops, each on a topic that is particularly significant for their work, thus providing insight not only into their work, but also into their lives and working environments. The series focuses on changing themes such as socio-political responsibility, sustainability, inclusion or interdisciplinarity, which are as topical for society as they are central to the work of the labels presented. In HOW TO FASHION they explain how they succeed in translating their concerns into fashion. The video talks, lasting just a few minutes, provide food for thought and reveal in an entertaining way the complex of issues that domestic fashion designers deal with, how they work, how they manage to be successful and what they struggle with.


Watch the video: HOW TO FASHION with amaaena