New edition of the Hardship Fund can be applied for as of 1.12.21

With the new edition of the Hardship Fund, an essential crisis support for the self-employed is being extended. For a further five assessment periods - namely November and December 2021 as well as January, February and March 2022 - applications can now be submitted from 1 December to 2 May 2022. Until this date, retroactive application will also be possible for all five consideration periods of phase 4.

Applications for funding from the Hardship Fund can be submitted from 1 December using the application form. Further information and FAQs can be found here.

Increased minimum grant for November and December
The minimum subsidy amount for the newly established hardship fund is 600 euros. The eligibility criterion of "economically significant threat posed by COVID-19" remains in place, which means that there must either be a 40% drop in turnover or it must be demonstrably impossible to cover running costs.

For the first two periods under consideration in the lockdown, November and December 2021, a special arrangement was made: for these two months, the minimum subsidy amount is 1,100 euros, and there must be a 30% drop in turnover.

The identification of the funding applicant by means of his/her digital mobile phone signature remains unchanged.

An overview of all other support measures available is available on the Coronavirus Infopoint.

Attention: Please note that due to urgent technical maintenance, application and payment will not be possible from Tuesday, 7 December, approx. 14:00, until Monday, 13 December, approx. 8:00.