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Georg Krewenka sw small

recommends "GreenCommuniction"

The event industry has been particularly hard hit by the changes triggered by Covid-19. Since then I have been working intensively with the numerous possibilities of video conference tools. So it is all the more pleasing that GreenCommunication is also a very good Austrian alternative! The tool runs in a browser and does not require any additional software to be installed. GreenCommunication is DSVGO compliant, offers numerous features and is only slightly more expensive than the well-known Zoom service.


recommends "Padlet"

In home office and video conferencing environments, there is a need for common places where content is bundled, ideas are gathered or content is made available. What usually happens on boards must now be transferred to the digital world. This is where the Padlet online platform comes into play. Padlet is a virtual pinboard that I like to use for internal work, working with customers or as a quick presentation tool. The tool is free, low-threshold and intuitive to use. So you don't have to concentrate on the tool, you can focus your energy on good content".


Leif Wasmuth,
recommends -> Trello

With Trello it is possible to manage projects and to set up responsibilities for individual work steps. Determining deadlines, creating to-do lists and uploading documents is easily possible with this application. You can also use Trello for yourself and structure your daily work and enter deadlines, to-dos or appointments yourself. Helpful if you want to relieve your head, we are looking forward to the weekend on Wednesday, because everything is now so structured.


recommends "Matrix and Riot"

We are thrilled about the power duo Matrix and Riot, as an open source alternative to Slack. If you want to communicate encrypted, whether chat or call and host the whole thing yourself or flexibly via a provider, then this combination is just right. Best of all, Matrix is not a silo solution, but teams from different companies can quickly and easily open new rooms. The integration of widgets also allows video calls, for example with Jitsi.

Fiddler loam man

recommends "Tinypic"

You want to upload some pictures to your blog quickly, but have to resize them? Then download the free widget "TinyPic". With this little tool you can quickly resize pictures to given sizes. I love it and use it for all my online pictures!


recommends "myhours"

A tool that makes recording hours worked on projects super easy and creates great reports for time tracking. You can create teams, create reports, manage projects and do the accounting for them. The customer gets a great setup at the push of a button.

EvaHochstrasser©ThomasKirchmaier n

EVA HOCHSTRASSER , Soulgarden Creative
recommends ""

For a long time I was looking for an Austrian solution in terms of newsletter system, accounting tool and online course hosting. I found a perfectly programmed and serviced online software by Thomas Hölzl from Vienna. brings all digital wishes perfectly under one roof: Whether newsletter form for integration on the own homepage, customer data system with tagging mode, online booking calendar, live calls with Jitsi or the own online course academy. Especially for EPUs there is a cost-effective package with a lot of added value.


recommends "Zoom"

The bulk of my video conversations were about zoom - definitely one of the most helpful tools. For example, I was forced to completely change a social media management course. This was no easy task, because whether at work or with the students, the "neuron twitching" of latent overload was noticeable in the first two weeks. Zoom made it easier for me to cope with the tensions, because the HD video platform was intuitively understandable, offered a mobile app, you could use a digital whiteboard to record ideas, use chat functions, share screens and organize outbreak sessions.


DARIO BOJIC, Courier Digital
recommends "Slack"

In the last Corona half-year, digital tools and platforms have gained in importance. Especially in times like these, when, mainly caused by Corona, more and more people are moving to the home office, it is important to stay in touch with your team. My team uses the app "Slack" for this purpose. Slack is a free web-based instant messaging service where you can host your own workspace, exchange messages and chat with individuals or in a group. We especially like the possibility to embed your own content. Slack is perfect for smaller teams that don't have large budgets.


recommends "OBS Studio"

A very comprehensive and cross-platform solution for all systems (Windows/Mac/Linux) is offered by the freely available program OBS Studio. This free open source software for video recording and live streaming on numerous streaming platforms enables powerful video/audio capture and mixing in real-time with unlimited scenes from numerous video sources (internal/external) and is equipped with a comprehensive interface (API) for ongoing customization/expansion by plug-in developers.

rene 222

recommends "RescueTime"

When working on the computer, time often flies. But what this time was spent on is sometimes difficult to understand. In order to get a more accurate picture of it and to track down time eaters like social media or other things, you need to analyze your own habits. This is where the "RescueTime" app comes into play. It shows you how much time you spend with what - be it programs or websites.


has a whole arsenal of tools

On his website Sebastian has created a list of tools to help you deal with the corona situation. All tools shown here are his conviction and are a direct recommendation of him.