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A new description in the list of Liberal Trades underlines the importance of Design/Industrial Design

Every successful product is based on a successful design. The importance of the work of designers/industrial designers is now also shown by a new trade listing in the list of free trades.

With a new definition of design/industrial design in the list of free trades, we are opening a new chapter for designers, product designers and industrial designers: With a contemporary description of the trade, the appreciation and awareness of the services of the industry for the economy is shown and underlined.


"Design/Industrial Design: Design of products, including design proposals of materials, shape, colour and surface characteristics of products in terms of their use, value and appearance, taking into account the characteristics and needs of people, market attractiveness and efficiency, without constructive design activity and excluding the activities reserved for engineering firms (consulting engineers)."

Voices on the adapted wording


"Both as chairman of Creative Industries Austria and as an industrial designer affected myself, I am very pleased that we were able to successfully conclude the process of amending the trade description. An important, correct measure - we are setting a next one with the formulation of the job description. Many thanks to all those involved for their commitment: the experts from Industrial Design, the legal policy of the WKO and the professional association of commercial service providers."
Gerin Trautenberger, Chairman of Kreativwirtschaft Austria

"I am pleased that the new wording of the trade describes the work of designers in a more contemporary and practical way. This is a first important step towards raising the status and importance of this trade, which will be followed by many more.
Bettina Sticher, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Association, Trade Association of Commercial Service Providers

"The new formulation of the free trade "Industrial Design" has emerged from a participatory discussion process of designers together with the design universities and interest groups. It reflects the self-image of design and its significance.
Harald Gr√ľndl, designer (EOOS, EOOS NEXT) and design theorist (IDRV)

"I think this important step opens up a new self-image for the subject of industrial design in Austria and closes a gap that has irritated us for decades, also for future designers".
Thomas Feichtner, designer and board member of designaustria

"The new wording is an important step towards a self-confident concept of design. Now it is our common task to bring the image of design as a force that can shape our future in a socially and ecologically sustainable way to the public."
Gabriel Roland, Director of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK

"Finally, industrial designers are given a job title that does justice to their comprehensive professional aspirations!
Georg Wagner, Managing Partner Spirit Design

Now go on, get that new business licence!


You want to start your own business as an industrial designer for the first time?

We recommend that you register with the start-up service of the WKO in your province. You can also register at your competent trade authority (in Vienna: MBA, in the federal provinces: the BH or the magistrate of your city).


Do you want to change your existing business to the new wording?
Register with your trade authority. In Vienna, this is the municipal district office of your location. If you are registered in the commercial register, please provide an excerpt from the commercial register.

There are no costs for re-registration. The data should be changed in GISA (Gewerbeinformationssystem Austria) within three months.


You still have questions?

Find out more from the professional group of commercial service providers in your province:
Lower Austria - Upper Austria - Salzburg - Tyrol - Vorarlberg - Styria - Carinthia - Burgenland - Vienna

We, the Creative Industries Austria, are pleased that together with stakeholders and experts from Industrial Design, the Professional Association for Commercial Service Providers and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, we have succeeded in finding a contemporary new description of the activity that does justice to the importance of design for the economy and society!


Creative Industries Austria - For you and your interests!


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