That was the Creative Industries Workshop: Two days of co-creative boost with Tech to CCI

AR & VR, 360°Audio/Video/Mobile, Blockchain for NFTs & AI were introduced, ideas for applications developed and digital business models defined for a selected group of creatives from all over Austria who came together at KAT's last Creative Industries Workshop - for the first time in cooperation with St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

The creative business workshop of the KAT works with creative mediation approaches in which people come into direct contact with the technologies - according to the motto 'learning-by-doing'. In addition, the know-how of the participating creatives can be used and they can work with them in a co-creative and interdisciplinary way on business models and applications for their own companies and the customers of the creatives.


The team around Markus Wagner from St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences led the creatives into the virtual and multi-dimensional worlds and possibilities. Alexander Schlager for AR & VR, Clemens Baumann & Kajetan Enge for Audio/Video/Film/Mobile, Thomas Moser for Blockchain and Markus Seidl for AI / ML, Applied AI. While networking, tools and apps and the latest "horny s..." were tried out. On the second day, there were entrepreneurial impulses from Irene Auffret, time for co-creation and transfer to one's own company. Katrin Girsule gave tips on copyright and AKM. The co-creative framework and cooperative spirit was provided by Marie-Theres Zirm, who brought the digital possibilities and existing business models to a further innovative step with the participants. She provided the common thread through the programme and the networking beyond.


The Creatives were able to expand their spaces of possibility:

"I closed my eyes, had the headphones up and suddenly I thought, "and suddenly I thought the speaker was standing right next to me talking to me. But he was standing 10 metres away next to a kind of 'mannequin' with artificial ears."

"Now the technologies are much more tangible to me and I can imagine integrating them into my offerings. I can imagine integrating them into my services. The workshop made me realise that I don't have to develop the technologies. technologies, but that I will cooperate with my capable colleagues in the creative network and together we can create benefits for our clients.

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