Creative Europe: Increasing the 2022 budget to support the cultural and creative sectors in the EU funding programme

The new 2022 Work Programme for theCreative EuropeProgramme reinforces a budget of around €385 million - almost €100 million of support for creative and cultural partners. The EU aims to help cultural and creative industries, from cinemas to festivals, recover from the covid crisis and foster their creative processes and innovation potential.

226 million for the audiovisual sector and €35 million for cross-sectoral cooperation, including news media will be mobilised, innovation in digital technologies and new types of content will be encouraged.

In the cross-sectoral strand, funding for the "Laboratory for Creative Innovation" for joint innovation projects involving several creative sectors will be increased, thereby also contributing to the New European Bauhaus. Furthermore, support to the news media will be expanded through additional measures in favour of media freedom.

The Culture strand of the programme includes new calls and initiatives for music, heritage, performing arts and literature. In addition, a mobility programme will be launched to offer artists, creators or cultural practitioners the opportunity to go abroad for professional development or international collaborations, to access new audiences, to participate in co-productions and co-creations or to present their works.

In the MEDIA strand, which focuses on audiovisual media, several innovations are introduced in the 2022 work programme. The development of innovative video games and virtual reality experiences will be financially supported. A new action called "Media 360°" will target leading industry forums working with companies across the audiovisual value chain. To further promote innovation, the MEDIA Market Portal will be set up for promising start-ups. Cooperation between film festivals will be strengthened through networks. In this context, MEDIA-funded projects must also implement greening and diversity strategies, including gender equality.

Information and support is available from the Austrian Creative Europe Desk.