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Kreativschaffende bewegen sich oft im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wirtschaft, Innovation und Kreativität. Neben spezifisch auf die Kreativwirtschaft oder einzelne ihrer Branchen zugeschnittenen Förderungen lohne es sich daher, auch Wirtschafts-, Innovations- oder Kultur- und Kunstförderungen für die Finanzierung eines Vorhabens in Betracht zu ziehen. Förderungen können von Bundes-, Landes-,  Gemeinde- und EU-Ebene kommen.

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Das Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) der WKÖ hilft in Sachen EU-Förderungen


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Kunst & Kultur

Der Creative Europe Desk ist nationale Kontaktstelle für das Creative Europe Programm.

Aktuelle Calls und Förderungen

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Funding for up-skilling of social entrepreneurs

Social enterprises often need support for their twin green and digital transition, which is why the SocialTech4EU project was set up. This Call is the first step of the innovation pathway of SocialTech4EU. Selected organizations will be able to make use of training opportunities and in the future possibly scale up and accelerate their innovation efforts. Apply until 12 April 2023!

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Do you know CIRCE?

CIRCE is the abbreviation for the Creative Impact Fund, CIRCE offers practitioners from the cultural and creative economies the opportunity to implement their ideas or to take the next development step with their existing company. Funding is provided to individuals and companies that work on new solutions for the challenges of our time, such as climate change, demographic changes and social inequalities.


aws Seedfinancing – Innovative Solutions auch für und mit creative businesses

Du kommst aus den Creative Industries und willst mit einer Innovation am Markt durchstarten? Dann reich ein bei aws Seedfinancing – Innovative Solutions und erhalte bis zu 400.000,- EUR für die Entwicklung der Marktreife und zur Markteinführung deiner Innovation, die positiven Impact für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft schafft!


aws Preseed – Innovative Solutions auch für und mit creative businesses

Du kommst aus den Creative Industries und arbeitest am „Proof of Concept“ für dein Innovationsvorhaben? Dann reich ein bei aws Preseed – Innovative Solutions und erhalte bis zu 100.000,- EUR Zuschuss für die Erarbeitung eines „Proof of Concept“ mit nachweislichen hohen Innovationsgehalt in der Vorgründungsphase für dein skalierbares Vorhaben mit nachweisbarem, positivem Impact für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft!

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Creative Innovation Lab for joint-innovation projects

The Creative Innovation Lab shall incentivize players from different cultural and creative sectors, including audiovisual, to design and test innovative solutions for key challenges, with a potential positive long-term impact on multiple cultural and creative sectors. The project does not necessarily have to be directly tailored to the audiovisual sector, but can also serve as a model if it can be easily transferred to the audiovisual industry. Apply until 23 April!

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How to make STEM-Education attractive with Cultural and creative approaches

Women have long played an important, but often unacknowledged role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Whilst women are overall well represented in many cultural professions, certain cultural and creative sectors which demand more digital and technological skills, such as the gaming and filming industry, still see a stark underrepresentation of women in these fields, as well as persisting gender stereotypes in the content that is produced. In order to improve girls’ participation and interest in these fields from an early age, a STEAM approach, featuring creative thinking, and a scientific evidence-based approach, applied arts, and the teaching of science in political, environmental, socio-cultural contexts, can prove particularly useful. Apply for this Horizon Europe Call until 14 March!

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Funding for co-creation between industry, academia and public sector

This call is asking for pilot communities of expert facilitators for increasing knowledge exchange and co-creation between industry, academia and public sector and help matching the supply and demand for innovation. This action will link professionals in industry-academia-public sector collaboration, build communities of expert facilitators for industry-academia co-creation and disseminate best practices and know-how for demand-driven industry-academia collaboration across Europe. This will include training a wider community of expert facilitators in higher education institutions across Europe. Apply until 29 March!

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Green and digital skills for a just transition

Delivering on the green transition can deliver almost 1 million jobs in the EU. To design the transition successful and fair, existing and new workers need to be equipped with the right skills. In order to do that, they should have access to lifelong learning and dedicated up-skilling and reskilling programs. In a similar way, advanced digital skills require more than mastering coding or having a basis of computing sciences. With emerging technologies around quantum, AI, big data and other key technologies, the need for ICT specialist is increasing. Any idea in mind? Apply until 29 March!

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Creative Europe call for cooperation projects is open in the 2023 edition

Creative Europe call for cooperation projects is open This call will support projects to carry out a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives involving artists and stakeholders active in different cultural and creative sectors. With a budget of €60 million, the action will foster cooperation between organizations active in the culture and creative field, to increase the European dimension of creation and circulation of European artistic content as well as to encourage the development, experimentation, dissemination or application of new and innovative practices. The programme will support 130 projects of small, medium and large scale. The call is open for legal entities (public or private bodies) from ‘Creative Europe’ countries, including Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine.The deadline for applications is 23 February 2023.

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Become a rural gamechanger

The DRural will inject new chances for the development of European rural areas and communities. The project aims to co-develop and roll up a digital marketplace of services for people living in those areas, while creating jobs and opportunities for economic growth and quality of life improvement. DRural is now looking for creative service provider in the field of health and social care, tourism, local food systems, business development, Mobility and e-governnment. If you want to get from €5.000 up to €50.000 funding and enlarge your market, deadline is 15 January 2023.

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Last minute: Funding for testing and validating AI resources

StairwAI, a European Union-funded project which aims to facilitate the engagement of low-tech companies in the AI4EU platform and the implementation of AI, launched its second Open Call or funding opportunity for low-tech small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that do not have immediate access or knowledge on AI techniques to improve their products, services, or value chains with the support of AI Experts and High Computing Cloud Providers.
Apply before 15th of December and get 60.000 EUR and a 6-month support program.

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Greening SMEs in the proximity and social economy call open

If you aim to support SMEs from social economy ecosystem in green transition through activities in cross-innovation, know how transfer and capacity building activities- put deadline for submission is 14 February 2023 in your calendar. To learn more about the call’s policy context, technical and financial provisions and explanation of the application process we recommend to join the info session on 12 December 2022.

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EU-Call: Innovative Tools & Business Models for Audiovisual works

The MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe programme supports the European film and audiovisual industries to develop, distribute and promote European works, taking into account today’s digital environment. Projects will focus on the specific challenges of the audiovisual sector such as discoverability, sequencing of release windows, financing and territoriality. Support will also be given to tools for greening of the industry.


EU-Call WORTH II: Europe´s largest incubation program for creatives and designer is open to apply

Worth Partnership Project II is Europe’s largest incubation program dedicated to designers and creatives in the life-style industries. If you are a creative designer seeking an opportunity to create innovative design solutions that contribute to more sustainable lifestyle industries, this is the project for you! Deadline for Application is 15/02/2023.


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