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The brand-new guide for building cleaners is here!

Get the Transformation Guide for Building Cleaners and benefit as an entrepreneur from the expertise and advice of professionals from the creative industries on how to make your business fit for the future.

In the Guide for Building Cleaners, you'll find tips and the big trends in the industry on key topics such as skills shortages, ethnic marketing and employer branding, service design, digital communication and marketing, customer relations, and (digital) process and organizational design.

Here you can download your transformation guide:


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MMst. Gerhard Komarek

Guild master KommR monument, facade and building cleaners, regional guild Vienna

"Our industry has defied Corona and remained resilient to the crisis. We have gained more awareness of our sector through the focus on hygiene. The market is growing and so are the opportunities for our member companies.

An enormous "damper", however, is the situation with auxiliary and specialist staff. There is a lack of personnel on all sides. We have created an excellent, private vocational school with public rights to train the next generation. And: our language app with 18 languages, which is particularly useful for employees* with a migration background, helps translate special terms and thus understand them. This is an important tool, because people from around 80 nationalities work in our area."

Here you can find this voice app: https://learnmatch.net/gebaeudereinigung/

Our creative experts

In this guide, a valuable collection of suggestions and concrete tips has been created with and for your industry. The insights and results come from our industry transformation processes. We asked the following experts who have accompanied these processes to give us their most important transformation tips:

Storytelling and positioning

Sabrina Oswald

© Helmreich

Service design
Isabelle Goller

© Marc Lins

Digitization and customer relations
Jürgen Giefing Pirecki

© Markus Pirecki

Digital Marketing
Dominik Hager

© Dominik Hager

Ethnomarketing specialist topic
Oguzhan Köse

© Oguzhan Köse

Open Innovation
Katrin Roseneder

© winnovation

Impressions from the transformation workshop

How do you make the "creative economy effect" tangible? We have captured the tips, possible potentials, the atmosphere and the exchange in the transformation workshop in this video. One thing becomes clear: creative + economy = effect!

Have fun looking inside.


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