We are looking for Creative Catalysts for the economy

Throughout Austria, entrepreneurs are currently looking for the best approaches for their new start after the Corona crisis. To do this, they need creative professionals to bring innovation and provide impetus. Only in this way can business models be further developed or newly established. Together with you, we want to accompany Austria's industries in the #Durchstarten2021.

So if you enjoy facilitating processes, are strong in consulting, love to co-create and ideally have experience with open innovation processes:

How do you know it's you we're looking for?

  • When developing new offers, products and designs, you will experience real bursts of inspiration.
  • You've always wanted to get those who are non-social excited about social media.
  • For you, a gig is only good if it's also digital.
  • Good service means that the customer comes back and not the goods.
  • Where people meet in real life, your interior design and architectural approaches are needed.
  • Finding and retaining customers is a perfect blend of emotion and data for you.
  • Gamification for you has nothing to do with a board game, but a lot to do with animating customers.
  • You see service design as the salvation in the service desert.
  • Search engine marketing for you has something to do with being found.
  • Images, whether moving or not, are your metier (video, film and photo).
  • Being an influencer is even more enjoyable for you when you can actually make a positive impact.
  • With podcasts, you'll always hit the right note.
  • Performance for you has nothing to do with dance, but with impact.

If you have found yourself here, then sign up as a creative impulse giver for our transformation workshops and let's develop ideas for Austria's small and medium-sized enterprises together.

Yes, of course...

  • we've set aside an honorarium for your participation.
  • the process is set up so you get a good briefing.
  • we need not only your head, but also your time. A total of 1 day per workshop (divided into 2 half-days).
  • we make the workshops digital, so you can participate from everywhere in Austria.
  • there is an ingenious setting! We implement the workshops in open innovation mode.
  • you can also participate in more than one workshop.

Now, here and there...

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