Company x creative professionals = added value

At KAT's crossover workshops, companies can learn from creative professionals in interactive formats how they can drive their business forward with the help of the creative industries. At the same time, designers, advertisers, architects, software developers, musicians or filmmakers get to know the business models and needs of their customers better.

Self-employed people from different industries learn where and how they can use creative services for their business success: from company, product and service development to market positioning and sales. Design, architecture, advertising, marketing, multimedia, film, music and more: the spectrum of creative services for business success is broad. Self-employed people & companies get to know the working methods of creative people and take this understanding with them for the further development of their company.

Creative professionals gain insight into the needs and processes of companies and, together with potential clients, explore the question of what is needed for optimal project management and the achievement of common goals.


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