Climate fit in 365 days

How can we live in a more climate-friendly way? "With small steps," six C in High 3 participants from Lower Austria are convinced. Together they developed the Klimafit calendar, which provides monthly inspiration and tips.

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The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: a wall calendar that motivates people to save energy with easy-to-implement recommendations, whets their appetite for more vegetables, and provides a daily reminder in just a few words that things can be done differently. More climate-friendly, more environmentally friendly.

"It's not enough to talk about it. You also have to do something," the entrepreneurs say unanimously. And since experience shows that sustainable change requires many small steps, they developed a project as part of the C high 3 coaching that builds on many small motivational steps.

In 2021, the six started the cooperation project, and in 2022 they received the Riz up Genius and Founder Award. For architect Dietrich Waldmann, motion designer Oliver Schwinn, ceramist Claude Leeb, youth coach Doris Pusch, landscape designer Julia Sachs and food journalist Maren Zimmermann, this is no reason to rest on their laurels.

The calendar for 2023 will soon be printed, has gone online, crowdfunding has started, and interested parties will receive practical impulses in the direction of sustainability via the newsletter.


Team spirit in the online meeting
The goal of the entrepreneurs to position themselves economically successful with a sustainable topic seems realistic. And this despite difficult working conditions.

Because of the pandemic, creative business coaching had to be moved to the web. "And that's exactly what I thought would be the worst case scenario," admits Dietrich Waldmann. In retrospect, he is convinced of the opposite: "Without online meetings, our cooperation wouldn't exist."

The others see it the same way and enumerate a long list of benefits: no travel, time savings, greater continuity, testing of online tools. The expectation with which the creatives from a wide variety of industries and parts of Lower Austria had applied for the coaching was also fulfilled: they got to know entrepreneurs and potential cooperation partners from related fields. "We are a colorful bunch," Maren Zimmermann sums it up. But the project shows that it is precisely the different positions and competencies that help creative ideas to be implemented. Provided that the team spirit and the ability to cooperate are right.


The Klimafit calendar is available at and on Startnext.