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European Culture & Creativity Days Vienna bring together the European creative industries

At the European Culture & Creativity Days Vienna, the starting signal was given for a new EU institution for the creative industries in the South-East Alps region in Vienna!

As part of the "European Culture & Creativity Days", today the University of Applied Arts celebrates the launch of the EU innovation and knowledge network "EIT Culture & Creativity". The conference, hosted by Kreativwirtschaft Austria, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Vienna Business Agency as Principal Partner, attracted a large crowd: more than 500 participants from all over Europe came to Vienna to listen to the more than 50 speakers from the entire EU region. EIT Culture & Creativity aims to strengthen the European cultural and creative industries and to bring together science, research, business and organizations in Europe's largest innovation network and to invest in creative talent, innovation and entrepreneurship in the creative industries.

"The EIT Culture & Creativity serves to promote the creative industries as shapers of the digital, ecological and social transformation," said Martin Kocher, Federal Minister of Labor and Economic Affairs (BMAW), on the occasion of today's conference. With the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria, the BMAW has already been focusing on the innovative power of the creative industries for the domestic business and innovation location for many years. "We want to continue to set new standards in this area in the future and further promote sustainable transformation. The power of the creative industries is a locational advantage and success factor for Austria throughout Europe," says Kocher.

"The creative industries enable Austria to position itself as a leading innovation location with radiant power in neighboring markets. With the EIT Culture & Creativity, the Austrian creative industries gain access to new innovation ecosystems. This is a great opportunity that opens up new chances for our companies and the business location," says Mariana Kühnel, Deputy Secretary General of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ). From 2024 onwards, the EIT Culture & Creativity and its Co-Location Center South East Alps Region (CLC SEA), founded at the Vienna location, will offer Europe-wide monetary funding, as well as educational and economic measures to promote creative economy-based innovation and for startups from the "Cultural- and Creative Sector and Industries". "Through our participation and the institutional anchoring of the EIT Culture & Creativity in Vienna, companies that previously had hardly any access to EU funding due to their small-scale structures receive an essential turbo, through the opportunity to participate in the offer and use it as a trampoline for their entrepreneurial future," Kühnel is pleased.

Vienna's City Councillor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke is also delighted about the establishment of the Co-Location Center South East Alps Region (CLC SEA) in Vienna: "The launch of the EIT Culture & Creativity underscores Vienna's role as a leading creative metropolis. We are pushing the networking of creative professionals, traditional businesses, technology companies, startups as well as science and research. This creates an atmosphere in which new ideas are conceived, developed and implemented. With the new EU institution of the EIT Culture & Creativity, the CLC SEA, Vienna will once again become the creative hot spot in the EU."

Copyright: Thaler/Schadenhofer

About EIT Culture & Creativity

EIT Culture & Creativity is the ninth knowledge and innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. It aims to strengthen and transform Europe's cultural and creative sectors (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organizations with Europe's largest innovation network. It takes a holistic and open approach to innovation - from technical to artistic, from business to citizen-centric - and strengthens the appreciation and embedding of European values and identities. EIT Culture & Creativity will unlock the latent value of a wide range of small CCSI actors through technology transfer, enhanced cross-sector collaboration and their effective integration into production value networks. EIT Culture & Creativity will support technological and entrepreneurial innovation as well as artistic and social innovation. It will also leverage the unique position of the cultural and creative sectors to facilitate the green, digital and social transformation in Europe EIT Culture & Creativity is establishing so-called co-location centers in Vienna, Kosice, Bologna, Amsterdam and Barcelona as cross-regional hubs to best integrate the creative economy ecosystem into the innovation network.


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