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That was the Creative Transformation Summit 2023

Our Creative Transformation Summit #CTS23 took place at the end of November. The theme of the event was the "Triple Transition" - ecological, social and digital transformation. The event brought together experts, entrepreneurs and creative minds in a three-hour online format and generated a lively exchange on forward-looking approaches and innovative solutions.

Ecological transformation: focus on sustainability

The first focus of the summit was on ecological transformation. In a presentation full of important inputs from Andrea Lunzer and in the subsequent discussion and Q&A session, it became clear how companies can not only protect the environment through sustainable practices, but also significantly strengthen their competitiveness. From environmentally friendly product design and production processes to creative recycling and reuse ideas, the participants gained insights into how they can minimize their ecological footprint.

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Andrea Lunzer

THE ZeroWaste pioneer in Austria.

Develops future-proof concepts to promote sustainable food systems.

You can watch Andrea's full presentation here.

Social transformation: community and responsibility

The importance of social responsibility for companies was emphasized in the second part of the summit by Stefanie Schöffmann. Her keynote speech showed how companies can not only make a positive contribution to a diverse and intergenerational society through social engagement, but also how customer trust can be strengthened. The clear positioning as an employer brand and the encouragement to focus on alliances and partnerships with local communities can help to initiate social impact. The audience and experts were unanimous when it came to employer branding: tackling this topic, setting an example and anchoring it credibly in the team is a clear management task.

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Stefanie Schöffman 

Advertising graphics and design expert

You can watch Stefanie's full presentation here.

Digital transformation and responsible AI: innovation for companies

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence were once again a real audience activator at the end of the summit. Our creative expert Sabine Walch presented the latest technologies, AI entry hurdles and digital strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. From e-commerce solutions to digital marketing, data protection issues and innovative work processes - the participants received concrete suggestions on how to position their companies even more deeply and sustainably for success in the digital age. The learning from Sabine's presentation is clear: try it, do it and look for tutorials that can provide quick help with the first application steps.

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Sabine Walch

Co-founder and CEO of - an Austrian AI expert company with its own in-house developed AI engine.

Known from Geizhals, which enabled GDPR-compliant personalization AI for all online companies with its solution.

You can watch Sabine's full presentation here. 

Recording for future inspiration

The entire summit was recorded so that you can watch it again and is available to you. "Feel free" to delve deeper into the inspiring content or share it with your network. And "feel free" to ask the experts any questions you may have.

The Creative Transformation Summit sees itself not only as a source of new perspectives and ideas, but also as a platform for the exchange of experiences and the formation of collaborative networks.

The summit showed that the combination of ecological, social and digital transformation is not only possible, but also promising for SMEs. The future looks promising for companies that take the path of creative transformation.


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