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Thinking and acting creatively in business: Christine Klell's book shows the way

In her book "Creative Intelligence in Business", the author and consultant proves how creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

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Nothing works in business without creativity. Christine Klell, author of "Creative Intelligence in Business," knows this too. In the book, Klell shows in an impressive way that creativity is not just a luxury for artists, but is also essential in business. Using inspiring tools and practical processes, she shows how to push boundaries, think and act out-of-the-box. This makes it possible to develop new business ideas, motivate employees and inspire customers. It is no coincidence that she has now been named "Creative of the month" for her work - after all, the book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be more successful in business.


Small changes with a big effect

"Unleash your inner Creator" is the motto of her book. Christine Klell shows how creativity can be used specifically in business and for personal growth. It's not just about big, revolutionary changes - it's often small but effective measures that make the difference: A changed perspective, consciously used "mistakes," the art of recognizing strengths in supposed weaknesses, or clearly communicated values that take center stage. She is convinced that female leaders of the new generation in particular, with their enthusiasm, their products and their focus on cohesion rather than competitiveness, have the potential to change the world in the long term.


Creativity as a success factor

The importance of creativity in business is often underestimated - yet it can be the decisive factor for success. An inspiring example is Silvia, a successful marketing consultant who expanded her team due to a good order situation. But the results were disappointing and the collaboration bumpy, leading to frustration, increased costs and lost time. Working with Christine Klell, a creative process was integrated that reunited and inspired the team. This success emphasizes the importance of efficient idea management. This saves time, money and nerves and creates an atmosphere of trust, creative exchange and promotes collaboration in team

This is exactly where the book comes in: It shows in a clear and practical way how to overcome thinking limits, how to use setbacks as an opportunity, and how to become more courageous in finding solutions. That is the key. Because it is easier to create something exciting from crazy thoughts than to develop something extraordinary from a conventional solution.


The path to a successful career as an author and inspirational coach

Christine Klell is not only a successful author and graphic designer, but also a sought-after consultant for freelancers and companies. For almost 20 years she has accompanied about a thousand creative people as a workshop leader and university lecturer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through effective thinking tricks and bold thought experiments, she encourages people to overcome boundaries and thus develop up to 30 innovative ideas within one hour.

Her many years of experience and extensive knowledge make her one of the leading experts in this field - and rightly so. With her positive energy and holistic approach, she inspires people to recognize and use their potential.


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