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aws Preseed - Innovative Solutions also for and with creative businesses

Do you come from the creative industries and are working on the proof of concept for your innovation project? Then submit to aws Preseed - Innovative Solutions and receive a grant of up to EUR 100,000 for the development of a proof of concept with demonstrably high innovation content in the pre-start-up phase for your scalable project with demonstrable, positive impact on the economy and society!

  • Advance funding: max. 100,000.- EUR
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Submissions are possible on an ongoing basis


The aws supports innovative projects in all sectors, from the creative industries to soft/low-tech and social entrepreneurship. Your innovation project must be able to demonstrate a positive social added value (impact) beyond the boundaries of your own company in these areas, among others:

  • Diversity / Equality / Integration / Inclusion
  • Environment / Resources / Climate protection
  • Social and/or economic change
  • Health / Care
  • Education
  • Mobility / Transport
  • Urban development / Living in the country / Housing


The creative industries can benefit from aws Preseed - Innovative Solutions in two ways:

  1. As an existing company that is itself a funding recipient and wants to successfully take a highly innovative, entrepreneurial project from development to scaling, focusing on its own creative business implementation steps with impact.
  2. In its function as a supplier of creative economy-based innovation services with its professional, creative economy know-how and in its competences to contribute innovative solutions for the development of enterprises. In this way, companies with a high creative intensity can emerge, which are professionally supported and promoted by the creative industries from the initial idea to the market launch and further growth phase. The creative industries contribute their innovation potential here and thus create crossover and transformation effects for the economy, whether already in the early phase as part of a multidisciplinary start-up team, or later as a contractor or employee of a highly innovative company.


aws Preseed- Innovative Solutions is a funding programme designed in the context of the BMDW's Creative Industries Strategy for Austria and supports the role of the creative industries for innovation and transformation in Austria.