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Join us in celebrating EIT Culture & Creativity, the newest Knowledge and Innovation Community within the European Institute of Technology. 

EIT Culture & Creativity aims to strengthen the European cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organizations with Europe’s largest innovation network, investing in cultural and creative talent, in innovation and entrepreneurship within sectors, and in connections to other industries.

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We are excited to announce the opening of our co-location center in the vibrant city of Vienna. This center is strategically designed to bring our services closer to creative minds, policy makers, industry leaders, artists, cultural heritage enthusiasts, academia, research & innovation professionals and investors – particularly in the South East Europe and Alpine Space regions. Together, we will co-create a desirable future.


Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation, inspiration, and creativity. We look forward to welcoming you at the Opening of the European Culture & Creativity Days!

Our Speakers


Eva Landrichtinger

Secretary General of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy

Eva Landrichtinger, studied law at the University of Vienna and has experience in labor and social policy, previously working as a consultant for Federal Ministers Harald Mahrer, Gernot Blümel, and Alexander Schallenberg. Since January 7, 2020, she has been serving as Chief of Staff at the Federal Ministry of Labor, Family and Youth. With the reorganization of the ministry on February 1, 2021, she also took on the role of Secretary General under Federal Minister Martin Kocher. Eva Landrichtinger continues to hold these positions with the establishment of the new Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics since September 1, 2022.

Amelie Groß has been Vice President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber since 2020 and is intensively dedicated to the question of how Austria can be made fit for the future. In doing so, she places a special focus on the creative industries, which not only act as a driving force, but also as a decisive economic factor.

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Amelie Gross

Vice President  of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


Gerhard Hirczi

Managing Director Vienna Business Agencys

Gerhard Hirczi has led the Vienna Business Agency as its Managing Director since 2009. Following his graduation in macroeconomics at the University of Graz, he started his career with a Viennese consulting company in 1985. From there he moved to the Austrian Federal Chancellery. From 1997 to 2009, Gerhard Hirczi acted as Siemens Austria’s secretary general, and later became Head of HR for Siemens´s CEE cluster, overseeing a staff of over 40,000.

Dr. Paul Ruebig, born in Wels (Upper Austria), was member of the European Parliament from 1996 to 2019. He is married and has two children. As president of the HTL Alumni Club Steyr he has always been engaged in the technical education of young people. In 2019 Paul Ruebig was appointed to the Advisory Board of Rübig Holding GmbH. He is also member of the Governing Board of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) and member of the European Economic and Social Committee. In 2022 Paul Ruebig was appointed as External Advisor to the Board of Directors of Water Europe.


Paul Rübig

Member of the EIT Governing Board and the EESC


Gerin Trautenberger

Chairman of the Kreativwirtschaft Austria

Gerin Trautenberger is the Chairman of Kreativwirtschaft Austria, a prominent figure in the creative industry. With his deep understanding of the sector, he has played a pivotal role in promoting and supporting the growth of creative businesses in Austria. 

Bernd Fesel is the CEO of EIT Culture & Creativity, a renowned leader in the field of cultural and creative industries. With his extensive experience and visionary approach, he has successfully fostered innovation and collaboration within the sector.


Bernd Fesel

CEO EIT Culture & Creativity

Screenshot D#Souza

Veronica D’Souza

Founder Geist Agency

Veronica D’Souza is an award-winning social entrepreneur, designer, speaker and independent advisor. She co-founded CARCEL, a fashion label set-up to create fair employment and education for incarcerated women in Thailand and Peru and Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup company focusing on tackling period poverty for girls in East Africa. Veronica sits in the Jury of Design to Improve Life Index Award, and is a board member of The Danish Design Council. 

Petra Schaper Rinkel ist promovierte Politikwissenschafterin, wirkt z.B. als Vorstandsmitglied im Science Center Netzwerk, als Jurymitglied des Foresight Filmfestivals, Mitglied in International Advisory Boards und Expert:nnenkommissionen sowie als Gutachterin. Sie kann auf eine umfangreiche Publikations- und engagierte Lehrtätigkeit verweisen sowie auf stete Kommunikation, Vermittlung und Diskussion ihrer Expertise außerhalb der Mauern der Universität. Seit 1. Oktober 2023 folgt sie Gerald Bast, dem langjährigen Rektor der Angewandten, nach und mit ihr steht erstmals eine Frau an der Spitze der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

Rektorin Schaper Rinkel

Petra Schaper-Rinkel

Director of the University of Applied Arts

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The European Culture & Creativity Days Vienna are part of the EIT Culture & Creativity financed by the European Union and the principal partner Business Agency Vienna, hosted by Kreativwirtschaft Austria.

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