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Why are Creative Industries a prime opportunity for Investors & Start Ups?

Unveil the extraordinary potential within the creative industries at our exclusive Investment Forum:  Pioneering pathways for investors & startups. From the captivating realms of gaming and media to the pulsating beats of fashion and music, a universe of opportunities awaits visionary investors and dynamic startups. Get inspired by pitches of selected startups from the culture and creative industries of south east europe and the alps, and get to know how to be part of the EIT Culture & Creativity Investors Club to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and engage with inspiring startups.

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Where Impact Meets Profit

Dive into a realm where financial gains intertwine seamlessly with social and environmental impact. Our Investment Forum is your gateway to unlocking the treasures of cultural and creative industries. Explore the symbiotic expectations of investors and startups, while gaining insights into the support structures provided by EIT Culture & Creativity. Uncover good practices and opportunities within the startup hotspot Vienna.


What you will get

… as a creative startup:

  • insights and information on how to approach investors
  •  establish grounds for great collaboration
  •  identify optimal access points for investments 
  • draw lessons from creative startups that have already started this journey. 

… as an Investor:

  • specific culture and creative industry knowledge
  • an understanding of the distinct financial requirements of the cultural and creative industries, 
  • access to impact and passion driven businesses

Our Speakers

InvestorsForum Kambis Kohsanal Vajargah

Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah

Head of Startups; Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah is Head of Startup-Services at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. He is the founding partner of several startup companies, including whatchado, Saturo, Carployee, Freebiebox or ALVERI and angel investor at Gateway Ventures and Founders of Europe. The World Economic Forum has chosen him as a European Digital Leader guiding the digital transformation of Europe. Besides, he is advisory board member at SXSW Pitch, juror at the World Summit Awards and European Youth Award and has been named Austrian ambassador for integration. Since 2011, he has been actively advising startups from all over the world how to scale up their ventures globally.

His motto: Believe. Execute. Learn

Mehjabeen Patrick is a seasoned leader with a 25+ year track record in finance and investment, empowering creative SMEs, and driving innovation in Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. A true catalyst for growth and change. Mehjabeen has raised multimillion-pound funds, supporting over 1000 creative sector SMEs with capital and business support. Additionally, she serves on the boards of various organizations and small businesses, including the University of Gloucestershire and Social Tech Trust. She is also a member of the British Design Fund Investment committee. Currently, Mehjabeen holds the positions of CFO and Investment Lead at EIT Culture & Creativity.

InvestorsForum MehjabeenPatrick

Mehjabeen Patrick

Interim Chief Financial and Investment Officer at EIT Culture & Creativity

InvestorForum Michael Mayboeck

Michael Mayboeck

Investor of the Cultural and Creative Sector

Michael Mayboeck is the Co-Founder and General Partner of the newly launched early-stage VC-Fund New Renaissance Ventures, investing in tech companies in the cultural and creative industries. Before founding, he spent 6 years at various VC-funds investing from early- to late-stage across many different verticals and geographies.

“Throughout history, technology has constantly changed how we create, distribute and consume culture.  Once again, we stand on the brink of a new wave of innovation driven by the mass adoption of new technologies like AI or AR/VR”

Nermina Mumic is CEO & founder of Legitary, an award winning tech-startup to verify streaming data. Legitary’s patented AI powered soft audit technology verifies streaming revenues and forecasts future music catalogue performance, being used by labels, auditors, publishers and M&A teams.


Nermina Mumic

Data scientist, CEO and founder of LEGITARY

C Haimberger Portrait Var1

Christoph Haimberger

Venture Capitalist, Managing Director aws Fondsmanagement with 3 VC/PE funds under management

Christoph Haimberger is currently serving as the Managing Director of aws Fondsmanagement GmbH and aws Gründerfonds from October 1, 2021. Prior to his current position, Haimberger spent four years as the Managing Director of the investment boutique Umweltkapital, where he played a crucial role in supporting the growth of young companies in the technology, energy, and fintech sectors. Before joining Umweltkapital, Haimberger held the position of Investment Director at the globally renowned 3TS Capital Partners, a company focused on venture capital investments. Additionally, he also served as a Venture Partner at Elevator Ventures, a company established by Raiffeisen Bank International. Haimberger’s academic background includes a PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. He specialized in Investment Banking & Capital Markets and Environmental Management during his studies. With his extensive experience in the investment and venture capital industry, along with his academic qualifications, Christoph Haimberger brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current role as the Managing Director of aws Fondsmanagement GmbH and aws Gründerfonds.


Screenshot 2023 04 10 At 15.29.07

Pasquale  Marino

CEO & Founder of the Start-Up MAE

Screenshot 2023 04 10 At 15.28.59

Egle Trovato

Chief Ecosystem Officer & Cofounder of the Start-Up MAE



Mae is inspired by an ancient Etruscan deity symbolizing connections through arts and culture. Today, Mae is re-envisioned as a digital realm, an art-focused social platform that connects artists, art organizations, and art lovers on a deeper level. Users contemplate artworks, sharing the thoughts and emotions these pieces ignite. This deep connection with art fosters genuine interactions with artists and fellow art enthusiasts. Mae bridges the digital with real-life art experience, empowering users to discover art events and book studio visits in their local area. Our vision is to build a global community where individuals can immerse themselves in any local art scene, regardless of where they are. Mae offers a freemium model, designed for a spectrum of users from art lovers to professional artists and organizations. By utilizing an AI-driven approach, based on a unique dataset from users‘ art perceptions, Mae delivers personalized prompts and art suggestions. In the digital realm, Mae is reshaping the way we engage with art, helping us connect with our inner-self and others through the power of art.



Lanced is an artistic recruitment platform that helps companies find, audition/cast, and hire artistic and creative professionals for their productions. Lanced offers a better streamlined solution to the various hiring processes through a SaaS-enabled marketplace powered by AI. 

Wouter Vertogen Lanced 3

Wouter Vertogen

Co-Founder of the Start-Up Lanced

Sergiu Ardelen

Sergiu Ardelean

Founder of the Start-Up Artivive



This innovative company is revolutionizing the art world by blending haptic and digital art through augmented reality. With offices in Europe, the US, and China, Artivive is already being used by 250,000 artists in 190 countries. The company’s collaborations with renowned museums and galleries in cities such as Vienna, Munich, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai are a testament to the exciting new dimensions that augmented art can bring. Sergiu is the CEO of Artivive and is responsible for overseeing product development and ensuring that the company stays true to its vision and mission.



Metawalls wants to see Street Artists and the Street Art community independent, prosperous and empowered around the globe. For this, they are building a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem, based on the Profit-Share Program. All participants – artists, collectors, and art lovers – are fairly rewarded for their contribution and engagement.

Flow Collingwood is the project manager of the world’s first Street Art Web3 project ‘Metawalls’. Flow is also an advocate for the power of blockchain and new technologies to empower cultural innovation. 

Flow Collingwood

Flow Collingwood

Project Manager of Metwalls

Tatiana Ilyina

Tatiana Ilyina

Member of the Board of CultTech Association

CultTec Association


CultTech is the application of technology to the benefit of culture and society. It has the potential to empower creators and consumers, enable massive access to culture and foster new economic models. Their vision is to strive for a world where culture is freed from financial constraints, and all humans can access it to empower their lives. Through the use of technology, we leverage culture as a core element of human growth.

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