Horizon Europe: Arbeitsprogramm 2021-2022 für „Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society”

In dem Arbeitsprogramm findet ihr eine Übersicht über die Ausschreibungen, die in dem für die Kreativwirtschaft spannenden Cluster 2 von Horizon Europe geplant sind.

Cluster 2, ‘Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society’ aims to meet EU goals and priorities on enhancing democratic governance and citizens participation, on the  safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage, and to respond to and shape multifaceted social, economic, technological and cultural transformations. Cluster 2  obilises multidisciplinary expertise of European social sciences and humanities for understanding fundamental contemporary transformations of society, economy,  politics and culture. It aims to provide evidence-based policy options for a socially just and inclusive European green and digital transition and recovery.


Horizon Europe – Work Programme 2021-2022