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If you can measure Cultural and Creative Industries

"What is hidden cannot be protected, cannot be supported, cannot be treated as it deserves. And that is the case for a large part of the cultural and creative economy
The ambitious 2-year Interreg Europe Project titled “Measuring the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU” provided a recommendation for a new statistical framework to measure the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) in the EU.

Measuring CCS enabled a thorough review of the current statistical analysis of the economic, cultural and social potential of the CCS in Europe and provide an up-to-date perspective of the sector in the EU. The Project worked closely with Eurostat, institutions from all Member States, and other cultural and creative organizations to assess data sources currently available at international, national and industry level on culture and creative industries’ goods and services; and to rethink and propose new ways to fill gaps in the data created by the great technological changes witnessed in the last 20 years.

This project is an essential contribution towards a modernization of the way these activities are measured in statistical terms, in particular in the online world. Its results will help to the visibility of the Cultural and Creative Sectors, and will facilitate the understanding of their huge contribution to our society and to its economy.


Measuring the Cultural and Creative sectors in the EU represents a fundamental building block in improving cultural and creative sectors statistics. While the project itself will lead to a set of recommendations pinpointing at specific improvements in the current statistical framework, the intensive research and stakeholders’ consultations have also helped to build an extensive knowledge base to support future work and initiatives in the field.


The final report of the project Measuring CCS is officially published!


This report is the concluding and closing document marking the end of our research and includes

  • a new framework with an updated definition of the scope of the “Cultural and Creative Sectors”, to better quantify the CCS and ensure comparability at European Union (EU) level of all available data
  • new methods for capturing and quantifying online services in the CCS
  • updated economic figures on the CCS


You can read the full report right here.