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How to make STEM-Education attractive with Cultural and creative approaches

Women have long played an important, but often unacknowledged role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Whilst women are overall well represented in many cultural professions, certain cultural and creative sectors which demand more digital and technological skills, such as the gaming and filming industry, still see a stark underrepresentation of women in these fields, as well as persisting gender stereotypes in the content that is produced. In order to improve girls’ participation and interest in these fields from an early age, a STEAM approach, featuring creative thinking, and a scientific evidence-based approach, applied arts, and the teaching of science in political, environmental, socio-cultural contexts, can prove particularly useful. Apply for this Horizon Europe Call until 14 March!

Cultural and creative approaches for gender-responsive STEAM education



The action should establish a coordination network between the CCIs, technological enterprises, SMEs, secondary and higher education institutions, and other relevant organizations, including digital citizen platforms to develop a better understanding of the potential benefits of cultural and artistic approaches in traditional STEM education, research and innovation. This includes examining the effects of such approaches on competitiveness, gender equality, and talent recruitment and retention in STEM-driven innovation, including in CCIs, where women are underrepresented. The network should provide mutual learning opportunities and develop evidence-based recommendations for policymakers and relevant organisations, wishing to adopt a STEAM approach. It should also offer decision-makers and persons in leadership positions training on the aspects that hinder the presence and promotion of women in STE(A)M, including stereotypes and double standards, gender-based violence (including sexual harassment), as well as successful strategies in preventing and overcoming these occurrences.

The network should develop a pilot for an “EU STEAM week for future women innovators”. Activities during this week should focus on exploring and learning about science history, STEAM-related skills, and new technologies, like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, through interdisciplinary and creative approaches.  Activities should be open to all genders and the participation of girls from minority, socially disadvantaged and rural backgrounds is particularly encouraged.


Call Total Budget

€3,00 million


EU Contribution per project: between €2,00 and €3,00 million

Proposals should develop strategies for reproducibility and sustainability of the activities towards new skills’ learning pathways, including through the creation of networks for the participants and follow-up training courses (e.g. summer schools, mentoring, and intersectoral exchange programs).

Call Closing Date

Apply for this Horizon Europe Call until 14 March!