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Photo © Angela Lamprecht

Follow-up report: Festival on the development of the future

From October 7-16, Vorarlberg's first festival for the development of the future took place in the CampusVäre as part of Creative Week Austria with a wide variety of program items.

"The need for change is coming at us in bigger increments than we realize."

On Sunday, Vorarlberg's first "Festival for the Development of the Future" came to a successful end at the CampusVäre in Dornbirn. Over 850 visitors:inside informed themselves in 10 days about topics such as circular culture, urban mining and the power of creativity and collaborations in the exhibition and participated in various participatory formats. 


From October 7-16, Vorarlberg's first festival for the development of the future took place in the CampusVäre as part of Creative Week Austria with a variety of program items. Solutions and projects from 13 companies and institutions for a sustainable future were presented in an exhibition. They are the result of the Vorarlberg submission of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, designers and researchers to the European competition "A New European Bauhaus". With the supporting program the population was invited to different participative formats: Guided tours of the CampusVäre, workshops to consider one's own scope for action, discussion rounds and a ramp talk with experts on the future of building. The impetus for the festival is provided by the architects Clarissa Rhomberg and Anna Heringer. In a project at the University of Liechtenstein, they and their students dealt with the CampusVäre and the possibilities for Vorarlberg to establish sustainable building and circular culture as a model region. A mediating framework program brought the topics to the people in a creative and easily accessible way.


Exhibition Form Follows Collaboration

The fixed point of the festival was the exhibition "Form Follows Collaboration". Trendsetting projects of different institutions for the creation of a sustainable future were exhibited, which had joined forces for the submission of the EU application "A New European Bauhaus". Participants included Werkraum Bregenzerwald, vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, BASEhabitat - architecture for change, Lehm Ton Erde, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, FH Vorarlberg, Digital Campus Vorarlberg, Kaufmann Bausysteme and CREE.

The aim was to develop concrete proposals for solutions to the Green Deal proclaimed by Ursula von der Leyen with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The urban mining specialist, architect and designer Daniel Büchel (Magda's Hotel Vienna) could be won for the exhibition design. He presented the content on paper webs that were suspended in the Shedhalle's trames and weighted down with the legs of former school chairs. "Creative solutions through secondary resource use is exactly what defines what we do at CampusVere. This is how we transform former industrial halls into a workshop for the development of the future," explains Bettina Steindl, GF CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg.


Supporting program ramp talk and workshops

Architect Johannes Kaufmann is also convinced that "in thefuture it will no longer be the case that we simply tear down buildings, but that they will have to function for several centuries". Together with Belinda Rukschcio (Werkraum Bregenzerwald), Martin Mackowitz (Lehm Ton Erde) and Theo Zillner (BMK), they discussed the future of building in Vorarlberg and the opportunities of closed-loop culture in Europe in front of more than 150 visitors at the Rampengespräch. The tenor of the experts was clear: "The need to change our lifestyle is coming at us in much larger steps than we think. We need to be creative and courageous in order to overcome limits and to preserve and develop spaces such as those of the CampusVäre". There was a lot of interest from the audience, which the participants:in the ramp talk happily acknowledged: "First of all, I want to thank you for this event. I feel like I'm in a really big city right now." my Martin Mackowitz (Lehm Ton Erde) as an invited expert at the ramp talk on the topic "Form Follows Collaboration".


"Great political visions are a central part of the solution. At least as important and valuable for me and my everyday life is what I was able to learn today at the workshop. It's about the contribution I can make myself day by day through 'ReUse'. My area of responsibility is actually larger than I was previously aware of," reported one of the 40 enthusiastic workshop participants. They were led by Andrea Kessler (materialnomaden Vienna) and Wolfgang Schwarzmann (architect, University of Liechtenstein) and covered the topics of ReUse, building with what is built and circular economy.


CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg presented together with the association "TUN. Green Deal Vorarlberg" presented creative approaches to solutions for the development of a sustainable future. The results were professionally prepared and the diversity of the different event formats during the festival convinced the visitors. The "Festival for the Development of the Future" should establish itself as a regular format in the CampusVäre.