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Tel Aviv: Start-up metropolis & heart of the high-tech industry

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Creativity and inventiveness are an essential part of Israel's economic DNA. This is exactly where the Israeli government comes in and supports this entrepreneurial culture through one of the most comprehensive national support programmes worldwide. In early 2019, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen visited Israel with a business and government delegation. In the course of this state visit, the economics ministers of Austria and Israel signed an agreement to establish the so-called "Innovation Forum". The aim of this forum is to promote business relations and entrepreneurial cooperation between Austria and Israel.

Israel has a variety of emerging creative industries sectors. These include architecture, design and fashion, advertising and marketing, film and television, telecommunications and IT, music, publishing, and computer and video games. About 5 to 10 percent of Israeli startups operate in creative industries.

Founded in 1909 in the sand dunes outside the historic port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv today forms the economic center of Israel and the heart of Israel's high-tech industry. Thanks to its high density of start-ups, Tel Aviv has a unique economy that makes it one of the world's leading start-up metropolises.

There are several factors that contribute to Tel Aviv's importance as Israel's creative center and have led to the city's inclusion in the UNESCO Creative City network: Tel Aviv's open mentality, its trendy, vibrant cityscape, Tel Aviv's laid-back atmosphere, and civic support mechanisms and policies of the city government.

Tel Aviv hosts numerous technology events every year. These include "meet-ups", conferences, "hackathons", competitions and other media arts events. The density of start-ups attracts new talent and investors. Young, creative entrepreneurs, especially in the field of digital innovation, as well as students, creatives and artists are drawn to the city.

Tel Aviv plans to position itself as a global center of technology and innovation. Initiatives in the city include collaboration between academic research institutions, leading technology companies, the young creative sector, cultural centers and artists, as well as regional and national policy initiatives.


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