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The competence of the creative industries meets the creative power of the economy

The successful project "Transformation for Industries" will be continued in 2022.

Creative professionals work together with companies to develop solutions and new perspectives from the crisis. The whole industry benefits from the result. 


2021, more than 250 entrepreneurs from 12 different sectors have already been able to convince themselves of the know-how and transformative power of the creative industries and, in a co-creative process with the help of professionals from the fields of gaming, service design, industrial design, social media marketing, software development, storytelling, positioning, architecture, photography, the application of new technologies and much more. - to further develop and innovate their products, services and offers, but also their business model.


Sector guides

You can find suggestions, insights and results from these transformation processes, including tips from experts from the creative industries who have accompanied these processes, in our industry guides.


Industry Transformation 2022

As soon as the dates are fixed, they will be announced here and communicated in our newsletter.


Creative Catalysts Wanted

Are you a professional from the creative industries and would you like to support
Would you like to support entrepreneurs with your expertise at our Transform workshops in the coming year? Then get in touch with us. Each workshop is tailor-made and we use your applications to select experts from a wide range of creative fields.

The concept and aim of the workshops are described here.

As soon as the dates are fixed and we have a suitable format for you, we will ask you about 2 weeks before the workshop to clarify whether you have time and interest to be there.


The transformation workshops for industries are part of the WKÖ's DURCHSTARTEN #2021 campaign. This measure is implemented by the WKÖ's Creative Industries Austria as part of the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria of the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economic Location.