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Los Angeles / Tel Aviv / London / Copenhagen / Helsinki / Berlin

Your free coworking space, your international network.

February until September 2022

Secure your free coworking space in one of six top creative cities worldwide. Immerse yourself in the vibrant creative scenes of LA, Tel Aviv, London, Copenhagen, Helsinki or Berlin.

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Free seats, stand 6/22:

Helsinki: August, September 22

Copenhagen: August, September 22

Network with other creative entrepreneurs and companies from business and industry - and test the marketability of your business model, projects, products and services abroad.


Are you self-employed in the fields of design, architecture, advertising, film, music, radio, TV, software, games, publishing or photography and would like to gather inspiration, ideas and valuable new contacts in one of the six most important creative hotspots in the world? Then join the creative industry coworking.


In Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, London, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Berlin, there are places available for you in selected coworking spaces from February to September 2022. Choose where and for how long you want to work abroad. You can stay in one location for one month up to a maximum of three months at a time. Coworking always starts at the beginning of the month.


During your stay, the Foreign Trade and Investment Centres of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber will support you in building up your network in the (creative) industry, assist you with questions about the market and the law, and keep you up to date on important events. You will get to know your contact persons from the Foreign Trade and Investment Centres in a 1:1 meeting at the start of your coworking.


Our partners, the incubator tech2b and the City of Graz, exclusively provide one place per month for entrepreneurs from their network or region. Again, applicants for these places can choose between one to three months of stay and the location is entirely up to them. When applying, please confirm that you come from the tech2b network or that your company or residence is in Graz - and thus increase your chances of getting a place.


Creative Industries Coworking is an initiative of Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT) in cooperation with AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and the Foreign Trade Centers of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The program strengthens the innovative power and competitiveness of the creative industries and is a funded measure of KAT within the framework of the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria of the BMAW.

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The following people can take part in creative industry coworking:

Self-employed in design, fashion, advertising, film and music industry, architecture, software and games, publishing or radio and photography

Entrepreneurs (no employees can be sent to coworking)

Company headquarters in

The KAT team will be happy to answer any questions about creative industry coworking: Photo: Sigal Saban/Damn Design/Tel Aviv.

For you and your internationalisation.

Coworking worldwide is a funded measure of KAT within the framework of the Creative Industries Strategy for Austria of the BMAW.

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Thanks to our coworking partners:

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