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aws innovation protection - 2022 Apply for funding

Develop your IP strategy and apply for grants of up to 100,000 euros in eligible costs for e.g. IP applications, patent attorneys, IP searches and analyses of your own or others' IP legal position.

Intellectual property (IP) is playing an increasingly important role due to the increasing complexity and digitalisation of the economy. Especially for the creative industries, which are constantly creating new things, it is important to develop an appropriate IP strategy for the exploitation of their IP to safeguard their entire business model and to develop IP management into a continuous process.

For this purpose, in the aws Innovation Protection Implementation programme, the grants of up to EUR 100,000 supplement eligible costs for e.g. IP applications, patent attorneys, IP research and analyses of one's own or third parties' IP legal position. In addition, the aws supports companies in the development and implementation of a targeted and budget-friendly IP strategy.

Interested companies are invited to contact the aws directly with their concerns and to arrange a funding consultation by telephone at


  • An overview of intellectual property and exploitation is provided in our KAT handbook "Die Marke der Kreativen" ("The CreativeBrand").