Austrian Startup Summit

Austrian Startups lädt zum 100. Stammtisch ein: Join as the Austrian startup ecosystem gathers together in-person for a full day of learning, networking and celebration. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect, grow and celebrate! Get your free ticket!

Founders, investors, employees, students and anyone else that is excited about startups – this is an event for you. There are going to a bunch of different activities throughout the day and Austrin Start Ups is sure there’s something for everyone!


What to expect:

  • Fireside Chats in the afternoon
  • Startup Fair in the afternoon
  • Co-Founder & Founder-Investor Matching in the afternoon
  • Job Chat in the afternoon
  • Partners Booths in the afternoon
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Week Finale in the afternoon
  • ELP Touchdown Pitches in the evening
  • 100th STAMMTISCH in the evening


Get your ticket and be part of this exciting day event dedicated to the spirit of the Austrian startup ecosystem!